Academic units with renovations over the amount of $10,000 should submit the project for review to the Office of the Provost, Planning and Design.

First, you will need to work with your Facilities Director or Facilities Manager to:

Determine the scope of work
Work with Capital Construction Development (CCD) and/or Facilities Management Services (FMS) to determine the project budget and create a schematic design
Review the scope of work with the Dean of your school. Get signatures of approval on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which describes the overall project, estimated budget, anticipated timing, source of funds to pay for the work, and a justification. The MOU should demonstrate that you have evaluated your space and this is the only alternative.
Obtain a signed project budget (including the project number) from CCD or FMS.
Once the above steps have been completed, please submit the renovation request via email – with the signed MOU and Project Budget attached – to Mandeep Bhari, Associate Provost for Planning and Design, Office of the Provost.

If your project is ONLY paint and carpet, please work with USC Capital Construction Development (CCD) and USC Facilities Management Services for a list approved contracted vendors. You can work directly with the approved vendors, but CCD or FMS must sign off on the project.

Additionally, if your project is estimated to be over $100,000, a preliminary scope of work must be pre-submitted to the Office of the Provost for approval prior to engaging CCD.

Please see the USC Policy on Space Planning and Management for further information. USC Space Management can assist with your space inventory.

Space requests should be submitted in memo form according to the guidelines to the Space Planning Committee.

USC Real Estate & Asset Management assists with securing of leased space. Academic units should complete a request for space form approved by the Dean/Director of the school as well as the Space Planning Committee.
Equipment Management is responsible for maintaining the University’s official inventory records for all University-owned, Government-owned, donated, and other Sponsor-owned equipment.

*Coming soon! Kuali Capital Asset Management System (CAMS)* – you will be able run your own equipment inventory reports, enter equipment relocation and retire equipment, see equipment depreciation, etc.

Key requests should be submitted as a “Service Request” at USC FMS website.

You will only be able to order keys for the space your school is allocated. Each school should provide a letter to the Lockshop of their authorized person(s) to order keys.

USC Environmental Health and Safety is great resource for your laboratory safety needs or even to find out how to set up a lab.
USC Business Services has contract suppliers with negotiated agreements that includes price discounts, simplified ordering methods, specialized delivery arrangements, specified customer service requirements, or efficient billing payment methods.

Furniture Guidelines

USC Facilities Management Services provides routine maintenance to public areas such as restrooms, classrooms, corridors, lobbies and other areas not designated to a specific department. Some office maintenance included are custodial services, temperature comfort control, and repair/replacement of lights, ceiling tiles, cove bases, switches and outlets and emergency response. Contact USC FMS for billable services such as minor projects such as patch/paint, mounting white boards, furniture relocations, etc.

University Park Campus
(213) 740-6833

Health Sciences Campus
(323) 224-7001

USC Department of Public Safety is committed to providing the best quality services to the USC community. They can assist with access control, bicycle registration and enforcement, lost and found, patrol services, etc.